• Full name: Lily Alison Lyonheart
  • Aliases: "Neutie" - Highschool bullies, "Cutie pie" - Achiyram
  • Gender: Female, prettiest flower
  • Talent(s): Passive Healing, Plant Manipulation, Psychological Relief (on all the people she talks to)
  • Relationships: Guy (Absolute bestest friend ever), Yuki & Amelia (Love interests), Melrose Hale (Conversational partners during breakfast but also her role model), Max Ripley (Son figure), Demi (Former bully)
  • Alignment/Status: Precious cinnabun/"The Chosen One"/Vicious Casher



Talent and personality traitsEdit

Her powers haven't manifested yet. She's one of few who are considered "naturally neutral". It means her powers could come late, or not come at all. Whatever the case, she's a Reformist favorite.

Alter egosEdit


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