Full name: Raphael James Carter

Aliases: Fluffers, "bbbbbb" - Aiden, "mrow" - Fluffers himself

Gender: Male

Talent(s): Whip Tail, Combat Tail, Mild But Efficient Agility

Relationships: Aiden Carter (Absolute best fucking friends ever, soul mate), Guy Zaferan (Assumed father figure), Achiyram AdlerLillian Lamiace  & Putri Arundina (Mother figures), Silvia the White Tiger (Arch-nemisis)

Alignment/Status: Purest good that could possibly fucking exist


P retty kitty. P p ppretty ,, , ki ittty bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Talent and personality traitsEdit


Alter egosEdit


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